“The true heart & soul of Gumleaf Gully are the educators/LEGENDS that work tirelessly to ensure our children not only meet the standard learning objectives of their age group but they feel part of the community, feel safe and empowered to learn. Learn how to skip, climb over an obstacle course, build a sand sculpture, ride a bike, find their hat, be responsible for their belongings, wash their hands, write their name, understand different shapes, use their manners, count to 20 (backwards), choreography for a dance… Countless learning opportunities, many of which we don’t even know they’ve grasped until they one day astound us.

My third daughter left Gumleaf Gully in 2016 and it was an emotional farewell, as usual, from Miss Tanya’s room. The journey through the ‘pre-prep’ room had been fulfilling and Cleo had embraced the opportunities provided by the educators. Relevant & preparatory learning was the key to success for Cleo & so many of her friends. So much so, that we received many queries about which pre-school program she attended. I so proudly and fondly passed on our Gumleaf Gully experience. Just last week, Cleo was awarded, at her school of approximately 1000 children, all doing remarkable things every-day, an award for the most remarkable achiever in 2017 for her efforts in reading. Cleo read at a whole school assembly, a story about her father with confidence and purpose. She is 5 years old.”

Sarah P – Parent

“A great child care and kindergarten. Gumleaf Gully helped prepare my boy for school. A BIG thank you to the amazing educator Miss Tanya for not only helping my child grow into the bright little boy he is now but for always having a smile on your face. You truly are such an important part of Gumleaf Gully and without you little minds would not be exploring and learning everyday!”

Bec L – Parent

“All 3 of my kids started in the baby room and now 5 years later we are coming to the end of our time at Gumleaf. Our kids have always been so well cared for by the wonderful staff. I would highly recommend this beautiful centre.”

Samantha C – Parent