An appreciation email for all the amazing educators we are lucky to have at Gumleaf! They all go above and beyond teaching and nurturing our kids and we are so thankful for this.
In particular though, I want to share with you how happy we are that Miss Gemma joined the crocs room at the later part of this year. What an actual gem she is!

This year has been somewhat disruptive for Owen due to the changes with educators in the room. For a time, he was increasingly finding it hard to separate in the morning and begin his day in the room, even though having familiarity with the teachers and children in there. Since Gemma has started she has provided that much needed consistency for Owen everyday. It has made such a difference to him knowing that she will be there when he arrives on the days he attends daycare.

It is clear that she is an experienced and creative educator. The room is filled with evidence of all the wonderful things they are learning about and doing in there. We have recently seen huge growth in Owen’s writing, drawing and colouring, counting and overall enthusiasm to learn. Dan and I were almost floored when we actually enjoyed a meal at the surf club recently while Owen spent most of the time focused on his colouring-in sheet! 🙏 Unheard of! We can’t believe how far he is come in such a short time and are excited for all of the wonderful things he will be learning in his final year at kindy next year in preparation for Prep 2023!

Thank you Miss Gemma! We appreciate you and your hard work with the crocs!

Aimee and Dan x ~ Parent 2021

Gumleaf are easy to deal with and have made it ‘work’ for our family. I believe they genuinely care about the wellbeing of my two little ones and have a number of extra programs like with nature or culturally that enrich the day. Kids won’t fake a connection with their teachers, so I know when they run up to their teachers in the morning and talk about them at home, even role play as them, that the teachers have built a strong relationship with my children.


Amanda ~ Parent 2021

We were “those first time parents”…overly concerned about our 15 month starting daycare for the first time, worried about all-the-things out of our control, big feelings about drop offs and seeing our daughter cry. The team at Gumleaf especially Sandy, Sarah and the pre-toddlers carers were SO patient with us! Our daughter is happy, outgoing and thriving after almost a year in care. The carers commit to forming genuine relationships and she loves them. We inspected Centers in our area before deciding on Gumleaf and we are so happy we made that decision.
Sarah & Juan Benitez Hernandez ~ Parents 2021

_At Gumleaf Gully, the Staff genuinely care about every child. Each morning when we drop off our 2 littles ones, we are greeted with a ‘hello’ and a smile from the friendly staff. Nothing is ever too much trouble and the ladies (and gent) always make time to talk to us and answer any questions we have (even if they are doing 3 things at once – they’re amazing!) Our boys absolutely love going to Kindy and eagerly run to their rooms each morning. They genuinely feel nurtured and loved and have made many friends during their time at Gumleaf. I love the natural, ‘outdoorsy’ feel of the Centre. Our boys love their teachers as well as Mr Alec, the Ranger, and the many new facts they learn with him. There are also 2 blue-tongued lizards which the students care for. We would not choose anywhere else for our little ones and we go to work knowing they are safe and loved. “It takes big hearts to help shape little minds” and the Staff at Gumleaf Gully certainly have big hearts. We are so happy we made the decision to send our boys here. _


 ~Ash and Kerry

“I have had two children attend Gumleaf Gully and my youngest is now graduating Kindergarten. This year we have absolutely loved Mr Josh, Miss Renee and Mr Alec in the kindy room, they have brought my daughter to a new level of confidence and we can only say wonderful things about all of them.

Our Gumleaf journey began many years ago now. The staff who are still there now show me that there is something special about that place. The teachers respect the kids and show them how to live with kindness and understanding.

The director and the teachers care for our most precious possessions in the whole world and we trust them with our hearts. I cannot thank them enough for their patience and understanding.”

Mel P – Parent

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for my son this year Belle; all the hard work you put in- he’s thriving thanks to you! You were just what he needed & I am beyond grateful. You’re beautiful inside & out. You are a phenomenal Educator that any child in your class is lucky to have & will no doubt thrive in your care. Thank you again for the amazing job you’ve done.”

Alisha B – Parent

“This was the first year for us with a Kindy age child, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect going in to the year. But what we have now we are at the end of the year is a confident, happy, knowledge filled 4 year old who is more than ready for his transition to school!

Mr Josh has set the kids up for success. Learning the letter of the week, understanding days/weeks/months/seasons, the solar system, dinosaurs, the list goes on! Our son can now confidently write his name, and will even sit at home asking how to spell words so he can write them.

It’s also the extra activities that have added so much to our son’s experience this year- they’ve had a visit from an author, Surf Life Savers, the class have adopted rescued koalas after the bush fires, just to name a few.

We feel very lucky to have had Mr Josh head up the Kindy room this year and just hope our youngest gets to experience the same when he’s Kindy age!”

Christine W – Parent

“We want you to know how much we appreciate all you have done for our family. You have all been such a vital part of our family, the growth and development of our children; being there for us always. You always be in our hearts. Thank you so much for your dedication, enthusiasm, love and support.”

Wendy V – Parent

We really truly appreciate all of your smiles, love, happiness and care you give to our girls. You’re all awesome.

Leisa and Nick – Parents

To all the wonderful educators at Gumleaf Gully, thank you for the wonderful care and affection you show to our daughter every day. She always has the best time at Gumleaf Gully and loves every one of you.


Ally and Jack – Parents

Thank you for all that you do for my son. Every day I drop him off I know he’s in the right place. He absolutely loves his time at Gumleaf Gully

Clare – Parent

“I absolutely LOVED kindy graduation, what a superb job you all did. Thank you all so very much for your time, effort, organisation and the love you have for our children.”

Sally M – Parent

Mr Josh has been an amazing support in preparing our son for prep next year.

Our child is well versed in all aspects of school readiness, achieved through intentional and structured learning whilst still prioritising the children’s emotional wellbeing and confidence throughout the journey. We have loved watching our child flourish artistically through out the year through these lessons also, and he has been gifted another tool of self-expression through these lessons.

The friendship my child and Mr Josh have developed is respectful and kind and we are very grateful to have had Josh on our team!

Lauren N – Parent

“The true heart & soul of Gumleaf Gully are the educators/LEGENDS that work tirelessly to ensure our children not only meet the standard learning objectives of their age group but they feel part of the community, feel safe and empowered to learn. Learn how to skip, climb over an obstacle course, build a sand sculpture, ride a bike, find their hat, be responsible for their belongings, wash their hands, write their name, understand different shapes, use their manners, count to 20 (backwards), choreography for a dance… Countless learning opportunities, many of which we don’t even know they’ve grasped until they one day astound us.

My third daughter left Gumleaf Gully in 2016 and it was an emotional farewell, as usual, from Miss Tanya’s room. The journey through the ‘pre-prep’ room had been fulfilling and Cleo had embraced the opportunities provided by the educators. Relevant & preparatory learning was the key to success for Cleo & so many of her friends. So much so, that we received many queries about which pre-school program she attended. I so proudly and fondly passed on our Gumleaf Gully experience. Just last week, Cleo was awarded, at her school of approximately 1000 children, all doing remarkable things every-day, an award for the most remarkable achiever in 2017 for her efforts in reading. Cleo read at a whole school assembly, a story about her father with confidence and purpose. She is 5 years old.”

Sarah P – Parent

“A great child care and kindergarten. Gumleaf Gully helped prepare my boy for school. A BIG thank you to the amazing educators for not only helping my child grow into the bright little boy he is now but for always having a smile on your face. You truly are such an important part of Gumleaf Gully and without you little minds would not be exploring and learning everyday!”

Bec L – Parent

“All 3 of my kids started in the baby room and now 5 years later we are coming to the end of our time at Gumleaf. Our kids have always been so well cared for by the wonderful staff. I would highly recommend this beautiful centre.”

Samantha C – Parent