This philosophy guides our practices. It has been developed over time in collaboration with educators, families and children. Influenced by the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards.


Gumleaf Gully provides a warm and welcoming environment, a homelike space where children are acknowledged for their individuality and are supported to feel safe and secure.

Children feel a sense of belonging through play; having fun and laughter, they are encouraged to explore and learn at their own pace.

We value our natural environment as the third teacher; we set up enriched indoor and outdoor spaces for opportunities to learn through connecting with elements of nature, using sustainable practices, teaching care and empathy for all living things and respect for the heritage of our land. Our worm farm and gardens are a special component of the children’s experiences here at Gumleaf Gully, as they take responsibility and work as a team to look after them.

Gumleaf gully recognises that physical development can be enhanced through a variety of programs embedded in our practices.

We celebrate our families’ cultures and heritages and acknowledge their importance through creativity, communication, music, movement and inclusive partnerships.


Gumleaf Gully educators are professional, confident and respectful teachers who value children’s identity and rights, and view children as capable and confident learners.

Educators respond to children’s voices through active listening, allowing children to guide their own learning. We role-model positive behaviour and interactions by greeting children by name, we recognise the significance of being present in the here and now.

We understand the importance of the strength of our relationships with children and families, using collaborative conversations to guide our practices.

Our learning programs are reflective and incorporate high expectations and equity for all children, allowing significant change.

This fosters becoming as they prepare to be active participants in their society and reach their full potential.

Our team is committed to lifelong learning. We have respect for one another’s opinions, strengths, skills and knowledge. We recognise the importance of the diverse cultures within our service and the wider community by networking, professional development and continuity of learning, working for Mobo Jajumm – Tomorrow’s children.