At Gumleaf Gully we pride ourselves on employing teachers and educators not only for their qualifications, but for their professional, positive, enthusiastic and caring attitudes with children.

We are focused on offering a friendly, safe, nurturing and secure environment for children, all our staff have a current first aid certificate, current CPR plus current asthma and anaphylaxis training. Each staff member must hold a current suitability card (blue card).

We provide regular in-service training and professional development opportunities for our talented team. We believe that ongoing training and professional development of our team enables us to consistently offer exceptional care and early learning educational programs.

Sandy McKennan

Hi, my name is Sandy and I am the director at Gumleaf Gully. I have been working with children for over 30 years and have found my happy place here. We have a centre full of happy children and staff and I LOVE the outdoor environment – there are lots of natural play spaces.

We like to support the local community where we can. We utilise local trades and service and have a great relationship with the church and charities like Baby Give Back.

In my spare time I like to paint and last year I spent a month in Italy – my favourite place is Florence.

I participate in the urban sketches group and enjoy attending my book club.

Sarah Buddee

Hello, my name is Sarah. I hold a Diploma in Children’s Services and have been working in childcare for 17 years. I am the Educational Leader at Gumleaf Gully and have always loved the “cottage, homelike” feeling of the centre. I love getting to know the loving families and see the beautiful bonds between the educators and the children.

Children always make me smile and laugh. I am privileged to be apart of their learning and passionate about ensuring optimal outcomes during their early years journey.

In the surrounding community, I collaborate with other Educational leaders as we evolve with each other’s understanding and ideas, gaining a diversity of insights into the learning and development of children in the early years.

I am a mother, blessed with two children; a 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter. We love the beach and camping. I am motivated by recently turning 40 and am giving a range of new hobbies a try, such as different forms of dancing and fitness activities. These keep me fit and role models to my children to always do what makes them happy in life.

Alec Webb

Hi, my name is Alec. I am the Ranger and an Educator at Gumleaf Gully. I am studying certificate 3 in children’s services and have been working with children for many years.

I love that Gumleaf Gully’s staff, children and families are deeply connected with the environment. Working at Gumleaf Gully, I appreciate having the opportunity to share my passion for the environment with the children, teaching them how to respect and nourish nature.

I feel grateful to be a part of shaping the new generation, guiding them and providing optimal learning environment to foster their curiosity and personality as they engage in rich, meaningful child-led learning experiences.

I am involved in my local community garden and in my spare time I also enjoy gaming, spending time with family and friends, camping and looking after my garden, pet lizard and pet snake.

Renee Davis

Hi, my name is Renee and I am the Lead Educator in the Pre-Toddler room at Gumleaf Gully. I have experience in the childcare industry since 2010 and hold a Diploma in Children’s Services.

I am proud to be a member of the Gumleaf Gully team. Every day in this learning environment is different as children play in their own unique ways.

I am passionate about inspiring children to be confident in themselves and embrace their interests as they explore and learn in the Gumleaf Gully indoor and outdoor learning spaces. Childhood is a wonderous time and I love encouraging children to be in the moment, making the most of their childhood.

I have three adult sons who I love spending time with. I enjoy the outdoors, bush walking and snorkelling.

Gemma Reid

Hi, my name is Gemma, I have been in early childhood education for 10 years.
I love everything fitness/health, beach, Wildlife, and family.

I am a mother to a beautiful little girl.

I have experience with all age groups and enjoy helping each child through each stage of their development. I enjoy setting up new learning experiences and environments that allow the children to extend their learning. My favourite part of being an early childhood educator is guiding each child to reach and discover their full potential.

Jessica Spurrell

Hi, my name is Jess. I have a Diploma in Children’s Services. I completed placement here at Gumleaf Gully and fell in love with the family atmosphere. I am honoured to now be a full-time member of the team.

I am originally from the UK and moved to Australia four years ago. I now call this country my home.

I love spending time outdoors. I particularly love the beach and going on bushwalks.

Courtney Waller

Hello, my name is Courtney and I am an Educator in the Pre-Toddler room. I have been working in Childcare for 8 years and hold a Diploma of Children’s services.

I feel grateful to get to know the children and their families. I am invigorated when I see the excitement in Children’s eyes when I provide them with new and exciting learning experiences matching their interests.

Within the local community I regularly donate preloved clothing to Lifeline and Salvation army, as well as blankets to animal shelters.

In my spare time I enjoy swimming and reading Harry Potter. I have 3 sisters and try to spend time with my family in New Zealand whenever I can.

Laura Stronach

Hi, my name is Laura and I have been working at Gumleaf Gully for over 10 years. I have a Diploma in Children’s Services and am Lead Educator in the Nursery.

I pride myself on creating a happy, safe and supportive environment where children feel loved and confident to learn at their own pace. I value the importance of collaborating with fellow educators and the families to ensure optimal learning outcomes.

I love coming to work and being in the presence of happy children, laughter, enthusiasm and cuddles. Working with children I like having an excuse to behave like a child and appreciate the simple things just as children do.

In my spare time I enjoy taking my fur-baby for walks, keeping fit and catching up with family and friends. I absolutely love everything related to Christmas, particularly putting up the Christmas tree. A fun little fact about me is that I have travelled to Japan 3 times and look forward to returning there in the future.

Georgia Madden

Hi, my name is Georgia and I am an Educator in the Pre-Kindy room. I have previously worked with children in Primary schools, family care and a local dance studio. I am currently studying a Diploma in Children’s Services.

I love working at Gumleaf Gully as the educators are supportive of one another and the children clearly thrive.

In my spare time I enjoy the beach, surfing and playing netball. I also appreciate quality time with family and friends.

Lorraine Ruttley

Hello, my name Lorraine and an Educator in the Toddler room. I have my Diploma of Children’s Services. I have been part of the team at Gumleaf Gully for 8 years.

I love working with children. It is a joy and privilege to be part of their lives. Every day with them feels like a gift. On my weekends, I spend a lot of my spare time visiting our beautiful centre, looking after the lizards, fish, finches, yabby and the many plants of our indoor and outdoor spaces.

My favourite past-times include reading, painting and gardening. My favourite holiday destination is Noosa and the beautiful natural environment. Growing up, my idols were David Essex and Lene Lovichi.

Paige Nelson

Hi, my name is Paige and I am an Educator Nursery room at Gumleaf Gully. I have been working in childcare since 2019 and am currently studying my Diploma of Children’s services.

When interacting with children, I love hearing the interesting things they say, as they each hold unique views and opinions on many things, big and small.

At Gumleaf Gully I have found my fellow staff so welcoming and am grateful to have them as we collaborate and learn from one another.

In my spare time I love going to the beach and enjoy participating in all kinds of sport.

Emily Taylor

Hi, my name is Emily and I am an Educator in the Toddler room at Gumleaf Gully. I hold a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and have been working in Childcare for 10 years.

In my work here at Gumleaf Gully, I enjoy making bonds with the children in my care, as well as their families. I feel proud to help them grow and see them reaching milestones.

In my personal time I love going camping and love reading and writing. A fun fact about myself is that I love collecting vinyl records. Music holds a special place in my heart, and I enjoy compiling playlists to share with the children here at Gumleaf Gully.

Heidy Hernandez

Hi, my name is Heidy and I am an Educator in the Pre- Toddler room. I have been an Educator here at Gumleaf Gully since 2019. I have been working with children in Australia for two years and hold a Diploma in Children’s Services.

While working with children I love seeing them explore their learning environment and am fascinated with how they view the world from their perspectives. I love helping the children (and their families) as they grow and develop.

I am from Columbia, where I volunteered many years helping the less fortunate. I have enjoyed living and working in Australia, sharing my culture and learning about Australian culture. I love the Gold Coast, beaches and watching movies.

Julie Poole

Hi, my name is Julie and I have been working in childcare for 8 years. I have a Diploma in children’s services. I am proud to be a member of the Gumleaf Gully team and am currently the lead educator of the Pre-Toddlers room.

I am grateful to spend time with the children in my care, because their love for life and love for learning makes me smile.

My outside hobbies are doing macramé and making nappy cakes for family and friends. I have two grandchildren; a grand daughter and grandson whom I enjoy spoiling with love.

Linda Taylor

Hi, my name is Linda. I have my Diploma in Children’s services and have been working in childcare for 9 years.

I am honoured to be a float/relief Educator here at Gumleaf Gully and enjoy working with children and their families. I find the enthusiasm of children to be magical and love seeing and hearing the spontaneous things they do and say.

I like to do my part in giving back to the community by donating preloved clothing to Lifeline. In my spare time I love going camping and fishing with my family. Canada and Alaska are my favourite holiday destinations.

A fun little fact about me is that I have an identical twin sister, Julie, who is also an Educator at Gumleaf Gully. We have experienced twin-to-twin telepathy on numerous occasions. Feel free to ask us for some of our interesting stories.

Luisi Oliveria

My name is Luisi, I am Brazilian and am an educator at Gumleaf Gully. I enjoy travelling and exploring the world’s different cultures. I love to meet new people, hear their stories and learn something new from every person I meet.

I have a degree in advertising and marketing in Brazil and am currently studying a Diploma in Child Care here in Australia. I have a dream of one day study psychology, which interests me extensively.

My hobby is drawing; I draw pictures for framing, but also draw murals on larger things like surfboards, guitars etc. With a pen in my hand, I am at peace. I also love listening and dancing to music. In my free time often go to the beach and enjoy being close to nature, getting to know new places and relaxing.

As an educator at Gumleaf Gully I learn just as much as I teach, I love spending time with the little ones; helping them in their development and learning. I strive to inspire them to be respectful towards others and the environment. What makes me work enthusiastically every day is being part of this childish universe that is so innocent and positive.

Emma Carr

Hi, my name is Emma; I am a Lead Educator and have been working in the Early Childhood Education Industry for 10 years. I hold a Diploma in Early Childhood and am studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. I am currently on maternity leave and look forward to returning very soon.

Working at Gumleaf Gully Childcare and Early Education Centre is great and I love being a part of the children’s learning journeys and having the privilege to contribute to this. Gumleaf Gully Childcare and Early Education Centre has a real ‘home’ environment and there is nothing better than having a great team around you when you work with amazing children.

I love to shop locally and give back to my local small business owners. I love to go to the local markets, fundraise and I give to charities to help others in need.

My spare time is spent being a bunny mum to my bunny ‘Marshmallow’. I also love spending time with friends and family, keeping active and going on fun adventures.

Megan Taylor

Hello, my name is Megan. I have been a member of the team here at Gumleaf Gully since 2009 and hold a Diploma of Early Childhood Education.

I love working with my teammates and the children and families of Gumleaf Gully Childcare and Early Education Centre. Here at Gumleaf Gully, the environment has such a home-like feel. Watching the children grow and blossom and creating bonds with them keeps my passion for childcare alive. I love seeing their personalities shine.

In my spare time I take care of my 2 beautiful children

Clare Richardson

Hi, my name is Clare and I’m South African. I have been working in the industry for 14 years and enjoyed working with all ages. In my spare time take I part in scrapbooking and going for long walks. The thing I love the most about working in Childcare is walking into Gumleaf and being welcomed with bright bubbly smiles. My passion is teaching children to be independent, creative, and resilient.

Ashlynn Reynolds

My name is Ashlynn and I am an educator here at gumleaf gully.
I hold a certificate 111, diploma, and am studying towards my bachelor of primary/early childhood education. I began working at Gumleaf Gully when I got placed here on for university professional experience. I instantly fell in love with the  home like atmosphere with the staff and children at gumleaf gully. It’s amazing to be working in an environment where I feel supported.
During my university studies, I have worked with various ages including baby’s, toddlers and primary school students.
My favourite parts of working in early childhood education is the impact we get to make each day on the children and having the opportunity to form bonds with children and their families. I also enjoy watching children learn through play as I believe that early childhood is the most important stage of life.
I enjoy relating my program to early childhood educational theories that I have studied through my time at university.
In my spare time, you’ll find me spending quality time with family and friends or studying.

I look forward to getting to know you and your child.

Klara Lindberg

My name is Klara, I started working with children in Sweden a couple of years ago and ever since then I’ve always known that’s what I’ve wanted to do. I have previously worked at Swedish schools, childcare services, and as a tutor. When I am not at Gumleaf I work as a nanny and I’ am studying my diploma in early childhood education, which I will finish in July.

I love working as an educator, I enjoy being able to help children extend their learning, I love that the children can teach me something new every day also.

I’m so happy to be a part of the Gumleaf Gully team. To me Gumleaf is happiness.