Our Classrooms

Our learning environments are the heart of our centre. We have fun and engaging learning facilities which are age appropriate and reflect both the home and natural environments.

Our classrooms are equipped with modern teaching aids providing the highest quality early learning experiences.

The Kindergarten class utilises a smartboard in their school readiness activities. The numbers within each room are limited; we want to ensure your child receives the highest level of care and maximum safety whilst they are with us.

We have five rooms at Gumleaf Gully Childcare Centre:

NURSERY: 6 weeks – 15 months

Our nursery provides your child with a nurturing environment that is the next best thing to home. Each child has their own individual routine which provides a loving stable environment in which your child can grow and learn.
We pride ourselves on our relationships with families as we believe children benefit from strong bonds between carers who openly communicate the child’s needs and interests.
Our children enjoy stimulating group experiences, art activities, music and movement sessions and social interactions with the children in the room as well as our caring and nurturing educators, who are Diploma qualified.

PRE-TODDLERS: 15 months – 2 years

The toddler’s room is a stimulating space where your child will begin to develop their self-help skills in a warm, caring environment where the children feel safe and supported.

We have four Diploma qualified educators who are all passionate about children’s learning and building secure relationships with our children.

Together, they provide an emergent curriculum based on the interests and needs of each individual child, with a strong focus on social interactions and autonomy which will allow your child to develop their sense of self.

The children in this room enjoy an interesting and exciting day which involves group activities and language/group experiences, dance and body movement activities both inside and outside in our spacious main yard, making the most of our fantastic resources and natural environment.

TODDLERS: 2 years – 3 years

The junior kindy room is a fun and exciting space for our children to develop their individuality and friendships while learning about themselves and their world.

They enjoy a large playroom with two diploma trained educators and two certificate 3 educators who each bring inspiring and unique teaching styles to our team. This room also has their very own child sized bathroom which assists the children with toilet training and handwashing skills.

In this group the children enjoy a program which is centred around each child’s interests and includes arts and crafts, imaginative play, stimulating group times learning songs & reading stories.

They have access to our fantastic outdoor program which encourages exploration and wonder in a sustainable, natural garden, large sandpit, challenging obstacle courses and bike track with a cosy cubby.

PRE-KINDY: 3 years – 4 years

In this age group, your child is increasingly independent and developing the skills necessary for active community participation. We have a Bachelor qualified teacher and Diploma trained educator implementing a curriculum which focuses on social and emotional skills as well as the fundamental fine motor skills necessary for reading and writing.

The children in this room develop strong relationships with their teachers and are able to express themselves freely through play. We recognise that children at this age are curious about their world and their environment which is the reason we focus on teaching while relating to the children’s interests, scaffolding the learning so that the children are constantly learning and questioning while playing and interacting with their peers.

KINDERGARTEN: 4 years – 5 years

In Our Kindergarten room we welcome children from 4 years old into our program, led by experienced Lead Educators and Early Childhood Professionals. We deliver a school readiness program that specialises in helping your child develop the skills and dispositions towards learning to enable your child to be successful in school. The children work and play together to develop their language and literacy, problem solving skills and social and emotional well-being. Our Educators offer the children with unstructured play-based activities that are opened ended. Children in the Kindergarten room are given ample time to explore and discover during play.

Using both the early years learning framework and the Queensland kindergarten framework, our teacher develops a high-quality educational program for the room which caters to the individual needs and interests of the children each day and inspires a love of learning.

With access to their own yard the children are able to develop a sense of responsibility and respect for the environment while caring for their veggie garden, herb patch, strawberry patch and worm farm.

Outside Facilities

We have wonderful outside play facilities which are surrounded by the natural environment, the play areas are spacious and set into three playgrounds to ensure that the children have access to the most appropriate toys and activities for their age range.

Our outside facilities include:

  • Infinity garden
  • Two sandpits
  • Construction pit
  • Climbing Fort
  • Worm farm
  • Veggie Garden
  • Cubbyhouse
  • Fairy Garden
  • Rock water river bed
  • Climbing ropes, ladder and swing
  • Bike track
  • Bamboo maze
  • Monkey bars
  • Windows to community